週一, 15 一月 2024 10:10

[演講] The deep weathering structure below the north- and south-facing ridge-valley systems in North California

週二, 12 十二月 2023 15:33

[演講] 建構潛在大規模崩塌的地質模型

週一, 27 十一月 2023 14:37

[演講] Age determination of the Huatung basin using seismic waveforms

週二, 14 十一月 2023 16:26

[演講] Paleobiology provides glimpses of future ocean

週二, 31 十月 2023 16:38

[演講] Operando Raman structure-activity relationships for VOC combustion on ceria-based catalysts, role of aliovalent-substitutions and MOF-precursors and considerations about microbiological air quality

週二, 17 十月 2023 11:14

[演講] Squeeze a rock: Insights from field geology to experimental rock mechanics, and recent state-of-the-art designs at NCU

週三, 11 十月 2023 09:09

[演講] The ephemeral history of Earth’s youngest suprasubduction zone type ophiolite from Timor

週三, 04 十月 2023 15:18

[演講] Blending Tradition and Innovation: Structured Academic Writing Meets AI Assistance

週一, 18 九月 2023 15:45

[演講] Montana’s Dinosaurs from Troodon to Triceratops

週二, 12 九月 2023 09:19

[演講] Gas geochemistry of caldera and stratovolcano in Japan