週一, 04 九月 2023 15:20

[演講] Comparative morphology and macroevolution of the avian palate system

週五, 26 五月 2023 09:39

[演講] Diving Deep: A petrophysical investigation of the composition of Taiwan's middle and lower crust

週五, 12 五月 2023 11:44

[演講] Hydrological precursors of the 1999 Chi-Chi and some Japanese earthquakes

週四, 04 五月 2023 09:29

[演講] An enhanced framework to model urban and population exposures for risk reduction

週一, 10 四月 2023 09:56

[演講] Atmopsheric helium isotopes and unknown source of helium-3

週四, 06 四月 2023 10:27

[演講] Applications of detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology to the sedimentary record: examples from the Georgia Basin (southwest Canadian Cordillera)

週三, 29 三月 2023 10:05

[演講] Investigating coastal-marine systems using traditional and innovative approaches

週三, 29 三月 2023 09:52

[演講] 從玉石之邦到山海之濱:透過多面向資料探討緬甸與臺灣的地體構造與地質災害

週三, 29 三月 2023 09:45

[演講] Plate-tectonics driven evolution history of the Western Pacific/Panthalassa

週三, 15 三月 2023 13:43

[演講] Acoustic Seafloor Mapping and its Further Applications: Opportunities for Understanding Fluid Circulation in the Northern Taiwan Volcanic Zone